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Established in Pittsburgh,PA - 2016 -


Our Story:


The Foundation

Goodguy Inc. started a few years back with six hockey players who found themselves at the same gym with similar aspirations. After a few Tuesday night summer skates, and a level of respect that can only be attained by random chemistry, goodguy Inc. was born.


What is goodguy Inc.?

Let’s talk about it.  It’s hard to describe. Yeah, you go out and hold the door for the elderly lady at your local supermarket, boom…goodguy?  It’s just something that you do because it makes sense, but “goodguy inc” is much more than the stereotypical good guy definition.  

Simply put, goodguy inc. wants to represent all you good people.  Whether you are scaling a mountain, surfing a wall of water, studying at the library or starting a new job, this company is here to represent that.  Might be a group of hockey players that founded goodguy inc., however, we want to make dope stuff for all these unique cultures. 

Some of us don’t know what it’s like to shred waves, ball, dance, act, teach, skateboard, play music, write, paint, and so on.  What we do understand is that small string that attaches every single one of those things together.  For whatever reason, you’ll always find yourself with the right friend group, similar lingo, unreal style, and you keep this internal.  Goodguy inc. is here to represent and externalize that style, lingo and culture.  You better believe we respect the hell out of you.  Cheers. 




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Latest Collabs

We recently partnered with Scuola Vecchia Pizza e Vino to produce the limited edition GG x Scuola Vecchia Jersey.